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My name is Ethan Atzmon, and ATZ Music my music production service based in Atlanta, Georgia.

I am originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan but moved to Atlanta in 2015. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan and a degree in audio post-production from the Atlanta Institute of Music. In addition to being a Pro Tools certified engineer, I've had professional experience as an intern at recording studios in both Atlanta and Ann Arbor.

I began taking piano lessons at age six and started composing shortly thereafter. My experimentation with digital audio workstations began at age 17, and since then music production has developed into a primary career pursuit. I have experience with Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Ableton Live for work and am proficient in all three. I have released work as a solo artist, but primarily produce music for synchronization. My music education has included many disciplines related to Film & TV Audio, including sound design, surround mixing, location sound, score composition, and automated dialogue replacement.

My musical background is primary hip-hop based, growing up in the shadow of the Detroit rap scene. However, I have widened my repertoire to include genres including R&B, cinematic, pop, electronic, and rock & roll.



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