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Music Mixing, Stereo and Surround

Processing tracks of a song in order to create the best sounding piece before mastering

Music Editing

Using digital audio workstations to cut, move, alter and align recorded audio

Music Mastering

Processing a mixed song or project to get the most out of it sonically, while also bringing it up to an appropriate and competitive loudness.

Vocal Performance


Guitar Performance


Piano Performance

Music Production and Composition

The arrangement and recording of musical numbers



Replication and recording of character-related sound effects in film


Re-recording and replacing unusable dialogue in film

Location Sound

Capturing live sound recordings during a film shoots.

Film Sound Design

Selection, alteration, and synthesis of sound effects for films

Video Game Sound Design

Selection, alteration, synthesis, and software placement of sound effects for video games

Recording Studio Setup

Hooking up microphones, digital instruments, consoles, interfaces, computers, and other recording equipment for use

Video Editing

Editing film footage to create a final video product

Digital Animation

Using photoshop to both digitally program and physically draw out animation sequences and backgrounds.

Statement of Work



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